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Stienen Breda Beek

The name of our family is written STIENEN and STIJNEN in the 19th and 20th centuries, STIENEN during the French administration in Weert, STIJNEN in the 18th century church records, and mainly STINEN in the 17th century and earlier. It is pronounced ['Sti:nən] in its original form, which is the probable cause of the different spelling variants. The earliest variant with 'i' derives its pronunciation from the fact that is a single vowel preceded by a cluster of consonants and followed by one consonant. Later on - probably influenced by the Latin used in church records - the single vowel was doubled to emphasise its pronunciation as a long vowel, hence 'ii' which is written 'ij' in Latin documents. Nowadays such long vowels are written 'ie', where the 'e' is used to stress the length of the vowel. Note that until today in Limburg - unlike in most parts of the Netherlands - all three variants STINEN, STIJNEN, AND STIENEN are pronounced ['Sti:nən]. At the end of the 19th century in Weert, we find the final separation of the names STIENEN and STIJNEN, after which they are also pronounced differently: ['Sti:nən] vs. ['Stεinən]
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Note: For events before the introduction of Napoleon's Administration (app. 1798 = An VI) the dates refer to baptisms and burials rather than births and deaths. The data is then found in the Baptism, Marriage and Burial Registers of the appropriate (Catholic) Parishes.

The data on this site referring to events that took place before the Second World War, is collected from the various archives. Among others we visited the regional archive in Oosterhout, the municipal archives in Weert, Breda and Eindhoven, the CBG in The Hague and the State Archives in Noord-Brabant and Limburg. Data referring to events that took place after the war, was collected from our relatives in Brabant, Limburg and the USA. We wish to thank Mr. J. Stienen of Roermond, and the late father J. Stijnen whose quests for the descendants of Stijnen and Stienen in and around Weert could easily be linked up to our search for the ancestors of Stienen in Breda and surroundings. Ellen Mischler of Little Chute, WI has helped us out a lot by researching the files in the Register of Deeds office in Outagamie County, Appleton, WI. Most Stienen pictures come from Mr. M. Stienen of Breda.
Interested genealogists, whose kinship can be proven, can receive the (partial) GEDCOM files on request.
The logo of "Stienen" contains the picture of Jan Stienen (born Jan Prinsen in Meijel, on 10 July 1863) and his second wife Rosina Peeters (born in Zundert, on 23 December 1864). It is a detail of a family photograph taken in Rijen on 18 June 1937, on the occasion of the wedding of Jan's grandson. Jan was almost 74 years old in this picture. The name 'Stienen', as it appears in the logo, is derived from Jan's signature on the wedding certificate of his son Christ (municipal archive Breda, 1911, wedding certificate no. 68). Until the second half of the twentieth century, parents had to approve of their children's wedding, until the children reached the age of 30.
We are regularly updating these pages. Besides more persons in the genealogy, you can expect articles about the origin of our names, biographies of some of our ancestors and an extension to the family picture album.
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